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Winterizing / Spring Startups 

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Every year, before the first freeze, the ritual of irrigation “blow out” becomes the priority for all irrigation systems in our area.

Even if you have drained some water out of the system, the remaining water can freeze, expand and crack the PVC piping (rigid, white pipe), usually from fitting to fitting. Polyethylene pipe (flexible, black pipe) is used in many freezing climates. Although polyethylene pipe is more flexible and can expand under pressure, water left inside could freeze and rupture the pipe walls. Freezing water in the backflow assembly will damage the internal components and could possibly crack the brass body. To minimize the risk of freeze damage to your irrigation system, you’ll need to “winterize” it.

Retrofitting your existing irrigation controller


Manage this durable outdoor irrigation controller with Hydrawise web-based software from anywhere worldwide using your smart device or web browser. Predictive watering adjusts schedules based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability, wind and humidity to provide maximum water savings, while keeping your clients’ landscape healthy and beautiful. Add a simple-to-install flow meter, and set up automatic notifications to alert you of broken pipes or sprinkler heads.

Daily schedule adjustments based on local weather data monitor past, current and forecasted temperature, rainfall, humidity, and wind speed. This allows for adjustments of watering times and schedules to balance water savings with water efficiency for plants.

All Hydrawise compatible controllers connected to Hydrawise web-based software are EPA WaterSense approved Smart Watering Controller. Hydrawise Predictive Watering™ allows the controller to adjust schedules based on forecasted temperature, rainfall probability, wind and humidity to provide the maximum water savings you come to expect from a Hunter smart controller.

Hydrawise, sprinkler, irrigation system, watering
Hydrawise, sprinkle, irrigation system, watering, lawn


Rain-Clik™ stops your system from watering the instant rain starts to fall

Most rain-sensing devices work by accumulating a set amount of rainfall before a switch is activated that interrupts the circuit from the controller and shuts off the system. In that “accumulation time” the system will unnecessarily continue to water. This can look especially bad for conservation-conscious municipalities, businesses and residences. With built-in Quick Response technology, the Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik™ can command a controller to shut off right when it starts to rain.

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Innovative Nozzle Solutions For Narrow Turf Areas, Planter Boxes, and Slopes

To accommodate the needs of narrow planting areas and other niche irrigating situations, Hunter offers a variety of specialty nozzles. Specialty models include center and end stripped, corner and side stripped, short radius, and multi-stream. This variety allows the system designer to incorporate a reliable, wind-resistant spray solution where traditional fixed or adjustable nozzles can’t get the job done. Built with the same durable construction and materials as all other Hunter Products, Hunter Specialty Nozzles were designed to ensure quality coverage and optimum pattern distribution in challenging situations.

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For Healthier Trees and Shrubs, Get to The Root of Things

In order for young plants and trees to thrive, it’s critical they receive a healthy, steady irrigation flow and the exchange of air from day one. Developed to meet this challenge, the Root Zone Watering System features Hunter’s patented StrataRoot design, which is a series of internal baffles that deliver water where it’s needed most. The RZWS comes pre-assembled to save time, and the enclosed design and grate protect irrigation hardware from vandalism. For efficient irrigation of trees and shrubs delivered at the root, the Hunter RZWS is the solution.

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